Meet our Staff

Meet the Staff of Breeze Auto




- Sales Mgr.

David has been at breeze auto for over 8 years now and he brings over 25 years of experience in car business to breeze auto.. david is one of the most knowledgable sales managers in the business today … he can handle everything here at breeze from buying the cars to cleaning them and doing all the financing and sales david is fun, really loves people and enjoys helping with one of the biggest purchases you will make in your life… in addition to years of knowledge in the car business when he is off work he rescues and fosters homeless dogs and has a passion for pit bulls.. he is also a licensed charter captain and does a lot of fishing on the weekends but during the week he takes care of just about everything here at breeze auto… Thank you.



This is jerry our greeter he has 5 years of experience in car dealerships greeting customers and doing an occasional oil change when he has time. jerry is also an aspiring model and loves to have pictures taken in his many different outfits his mother judy puts on him.. he also likes the groomer and gets to go once a month for a hair cut, waxing and pedicure just in case he gets a call for a modeling job… jerry is here all week long until 3pm he loves kids and loves to greet as many people as he can, so stop in and get a picture taken with jerry our famous four leg greeter… Thank you.

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